Ecological safety

Ecological safety

Perform scientific research, design and development work in the field of environmental protection;

Implementation of ecological support of all phases of design, construction and operation of the enterprise as a whole, starting with the evaluation procedure of environmental impact assessment (EIA) of investment projects (plans), engineers and environmental studies prior to design and construction of objects, and in the future for their reconstruction and technical re-equipment development of measures for environmental protection when designing facilities;

Implementation of industrial environmental monitoring at the sites of petroleum and gas industry

Conduction of work of environmental standardization of the environmental impact from facilities of oil and gas industry and enterprises in other industries, development of draft standards for maximum permissible emissions (MPE) and the regulations of waste generation and disposal limits (PRWGDL)

Works on the identification and examination of degraded and muddy lands in order to perform their conservation and rehabilitation

Development of land reclamation projects, disturbed and contaminated during emergency and major repairs of pipelines

Conduction of work for environmental monitoring of equipment, facilities, businesses, industrial and natural objects, various areas

Implementation of the supervision after the implementation of environmental measures


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