Geodesy & Topography

Engineering survey:

Each of the types of engineering survey is the complex of works, aimed to acquire diverse information about the studied territory.

Engineering-geodesy surveys:

  • Collection and processing of topographic scrutiny materials
  • Conduction of field works, which are creation of planned high-rise foundation, topographic survey;
  • Survey of underground utilities
  • Cameral analysis of field materials
  • Creation of topographic plans
  • Preparation of technical report

Engineering-geological surveys:

  • Collection and processing of past years research materials
  • Reconnaissance survey
  • Well drilling
  • Geophysical research
  • Stationary observation
  • Laboratory research of soils, underground and surface waters
  • Forecasting of engineering-geological conditions changes
  • Cameral processing of materials, construction of geological cross-sections and columns of wells
  • Preparation of technical report


Engineering hydrological surveys:

  • Calculation of basic hydrological characteristics
  • Definition of profile size limit under natural conditions
  • Calculation of channel deformations in cross-sections of underwater transitions, taking into account possible barrage effect under project conditions
  • Calculation of sediment accumulation of underwater trench
  • Estimation of water pollution plumes parameters during the construction period
  • Study and application of outer borders of water protection zones and coastal shelterbelts to the plans
  • If necessary, mathematical modelling of hydrodynamics of water bodies in the three-dimensional formulation

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